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Are you a 4-bed or 5-bed villa?

We are a 4-bed villa though we sometimes convert the TV/Audio room into a spare 5th bedroom by adding extra beds/bedding to cater for 2 additional guests. All in all, we can cater for upto 12 guests in the villa.

What time can we arrive at the villa?

Normal arrival time is 3:00PM (15:00).

What time time do we have to leave the villa by?

Normal departure time is 12:00PM (12:00).

Can we request early arrival or late departure?

Arrival and departure times are strict. But, if no other guests are arriving/departing on the same day, it's possible. Each case is considered on its own merits.

Do you include/arrange airport transfer?

Yes. We provide complimentary round-trip airport transfer between our villa and Phuket International Airport. One minivan will be provided, which can comfortably seat 12 guests. If you prefer to make your own way, ie. by taxi or by hire-car, please see the our Location page for details on where we are.

Do you have transport to get us around?

We can arrange for a daily minivan+driver and schedule them as per your needs. Alternatively, local tuk-tuks and taxis are plentiful right outside the villa grounds.

Are meals/drinks included in the rate?

Meals for lunch and evening dinner are not included, though our chef's service is included. Our villa manager and chef will record what groceries are used for your requested meals and snacks, which is payable before departure. Remember, we include a stocked spirits bar during your stay, so what you use from there is up to you at no extra cost, though beers and soft drinks are chargeable.

What about breakfast?

We now include a FREE breakfast for all guests!

When is the chef available to cook for us?

The chef is available to cook your breakfast, lunch and evening dinner on a daily basis. Just speak with our staff and let them know your needs.

How do we order our meals?

Our villa manager or chef will present you with a menu for you to choose your meals from. You can also request something other than in the meanu and they will check if the chef can cook it for you.

How do we pay for our meals?

During your stay, our villa manager will monitor your needs such as meals, requested snacks and drinks etc. All purchases made for you are receipted and recorded for payment at the end of your stay.

Where does the FREE Thai cooking class take place?

We run the Thai cooking class in our villa with our staff.

How many baby cots do you have for our infants?

We currently have 2 baby cots.

Can you arrange tours, daytrips, excursions, etc?

Yes, our villa manager can do all this for you when you are at the villa. If our villa manager is not at the villa, she is just a phone call away.

What's the weather like...?

There are plenty of resources on the web for both previous, current and near future. Google is your friend here.

Is your villa elderly and/or wheelchair-friendly?

Elderly should be ok, so long as not too frail. The villa is set on 3 levels, so wheelchair access would be very difficult due to the stairs from the entrance to the lounge area, and there are more stairs down to the pool and sala level.

Do you greet us when we arrive?

Yes. Our staff will present you with a welcome drink and help you settle into your new surroundings. As a fully-staffed villa, there's always someone on-hand if you need assistance.

Is there an ATM (cash machine) nearby?

Yes, just a few minutes walk away. Many of them.

When do you want my flight details?

Once your booking is confirmed with us, you can send us your flight details any time you have them. In fact, the sooner the better.

How do we confirm and pay for our stay?

I, Adele (the villa owner) will talk with you by email to complete your enquiry and once your preferred dates are confirmed as available and you have chosen to go ahead, you will be required to pay a 30% deposit to confirm your stay. All payments are by direct bank transfer only, and you will be provided with detailed payment processing information. Transfers usually take 3-4 business days. When the funds have been received and cleared into my account, I will send you an email to confirm receipt. Final payments will be reminded to you at approximately 3-months before arrival, and payment needs to be received by us no later than 2-months before arrival. For any bookings within 3-months of arrival, full payment is required (not deposit and final). Please note that we no longer accept payment by PayPal.

Can we contact you by telephone?

Yes. We can call you. But first, please submit your details using our Reservations Enquiry form so that we have some insight on what we're going to be talking about. Note : Remember to include your telephone contact details in your Enquiry form!

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them as part of your Reservation Enquiry.

Baan Saleah

Privately Owned, Fully Staffed, 4-Bedroom Luxury Villa At Kata Beach, Phuket

We're on the headland between Kata Beach & Kata Noi. Book direct with us.

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